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IRONMAN Triathlon from the Inside Out!

Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii with brief clips of Andy Baldwin. This awesome short video photo essay will let you see what it is like to travel to Hawaii and compete in the Ironman. Triathlete Magazine's Mitch Thrower is also featured in this video. You can download the full, high-resolution version at and get more triathlon information at

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Music courtesy of Howie Day (Collide)
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Ironman Hawaii 2007 race coverage and reports including short video essays from Mitch Thrower. Learn the tips and secrets of this amazing race

Mitch Thrower Biking on Pacific Island

Mitch Thrower made this video for his good friend and CFO of Triathlete magazine to help keep him inspired through an East Coast winter. It's a short bike ride along a crazy road!

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Mitch Thrower Biking in Central Park

This short video shows you just how hectic it can be in central park on a bike in June. With thousands of people training, caution is critical every day.

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Triathlon Memories - Never Fade

This 2-minute video is a text and photo montage; a brief promotional video filled with triathlon memories from Triathlete Magazine's Mitch Thrower. It contains inspirational clips along with great music, so turn up your speakers! Produced by Margaux Mester. Video courtesy of Triathlon Magazine ... Check out more exciting videos at!

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Mountain Climb

This short video is a part of series of video blog entries that you can find at from Triathlete Magazine's Mitch Thrower.

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